Friday, August 08, 2014

Early Summer Meeting 2014

          As warm summer temperatures overtook the Central Valley of California, the CVHC members gathered once again at 12:00 at the Eastern Empire Bar and Grill (460 Howe Ave., Sacramento, CA 95825).  In attendance, around a table filled with Asian delicacies, were members Bill Owen, Yvonne Cabalona, Ricardo de Bernardi, Lynne Sperry, and Leslie Rose.
          Once our stomachs were full and we had updated each other on what we’d all  been up to in the intervening months, one of the first items of business involved club officers.  Bill, who has masterfully commanded our helm for so long, decided that it was time to step aside and let leadership pass on to another.  So after much discussion, by acclamation Yvonne Cabalona was chosen to preside over our little group. From here, into the next year, our roster of officers will be:
          Yvonne Cabalona, President
          Bill Owen, Vice-President
          Mark Hollingsworth, Treasurer
          Leslie Rose, Secretary
          That important bit of business out of the way, Yvonne proposed that we start work on another linked haibun, since it has been some time since we published our last one.  With a “throwback” theme, Yvonne provided a starting haiku, and we will all be working to see which of us can come up with the haibun that will begin the series.
          Information about our current Jerry Kilbride English Language Haibun Contest has been posted in the HSA newsletter and electronically posted on the HSA site.   It was suggested that we also post a link on Facebook and Twitter as well since we would like to have a bumper crop of entrants in this year’s competition.
          As our meeting ran down, we began reminiscing about “members lost”, folks who, for various reasons, no longer attend our gatherings.  One of those past members was a man named Ty Hadman, author of “War Crimes-DongHa Haiku” published in 2002.  We wondered where he was and what he might be writing.  We are hoping that, when this is posted, someone who knows of him might drop us a line.

          Before we adjourned our meeting, midst a flurry of hugs and well wishes, we selected Saturday, August 9th, as our next gathering time.  We will be holding that meeting from 11:30 to 3:00 at the Gekkeikan Sake Factory in Folsom (1136 Sibley Street, Folsom, CA 95630) (phone:  916-985-3111).

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