Thursday, September 22, 2005

CVHC Member Publications (Fall 2005)

The Central Valley Haiku Club (CVHC) members have been very active in publishing their work in the last few months.
Here are some examples:


It's February, 1945. My great uncle Paul has been in Belgium fighting the Germans. His younger brother Robert, my grandfather, has been back east going through officer's training.

Robert arrives in Los Angeles on leave. He enters his mother's house, looks around the usually austere, practical living room. Sees the flower arrangements. He grins quizzically and says, "Who died?"

orange groves and loam
paved over

Lane Parker

Simply Haiku
Autumn 2005


One of the screws holding the nameplate on the plaque my fiance made for me is stripped. Over and over she says she wants to replace it, but I tell her that’s what makes the gift perfect. At the end of the summer, she has to leave Hawaii for the mainland to resume college, while I finish my fourth year in the Marine Corps. Distance in geography and education levels caused our eventual breakup, but we kept up with each other’s lives through letters: my marriage, new house and jobs, her college degrees and fight against breast cancer.

At work I receive a letter from her younger brother saying the mastectomy and chemotherapy have not been enough to win her battle.

early spring
before she can tie it
the balloon escapes

w.f. owen
Modern Haiku
Volume 36, Number 1
Winter-Spring 2005

Selections from the CVHC book, "feel of the handrail," (Leaning Bamboo Press)
Copyright © 2005Central Valley Haiku Club

canal water
pouring onto itself . . .
my thoughts empty

Yvonne Cabalona

nursing home
the feel
of the handrail

Mark Hollingsworth

giant redwood
standing at the bottom
looking for the top

Claris Moore

shaking out
the picnic blanket
first stars

w.f. owen

summer day
wishing I were that bee
in the honeysuckle

Lane Parker

valley wind
pine needles litter
a swept deck

Leslie Rose

a ray of sun lights up
my son's photo

June Shook

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Recent CVHC Member Poems

Here are some poems our members have published or that
were read at our meetings or that appeared in our newsletter:

a stain each day
upon the garage door
dog pee
the neighbor on his walk
stops to share gossip

~ Leslie Rose

origami . . .
I coax a frog
from my fingers

~ Yvonne Cabalona

spring thunder
slight cracks in the
swollen tree buds

~ w.f. owen

Monday, May 16, 2005

New Online Haibun Journal

There is a new online quarterly journal of English-language haibun
named after the annual printed volume: contemporary Haibun.
The web address is:

This could be an exciting development as it has
haibun not included in the paper version. It
does not have everything that was printed in
the paperbound book, but it gives dozens
of haibun examples. Check it out.