Tuesday, November 25, 2008


On November 17, Ricardo and I woke to find that we had lost our beloved Sofia, our tiny, cross-eyed tabbie of 4-1/2 years. She had been in the vet's office two weeks before for a week-long stay because of fluid in her lungs. We all thought she was well (including the vet) when she was released and it's obvious she was not. She was special to us in many ways but especially because she was the only female among our family of cats. From the start, she was quite the doting mother to the boys. She will be greatly missed by us.

falling leaves
the outline of my cat's
dead body


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w. f. owen said...

Hi Yvonne,

How sad. A very touching haibun.
Thanks for sharing it.

Best wishes for a safe and peaceful
Thanksgiving to you and Ricardo.
I'm thankful to have you and everyone
in our club as friends.