Sunday, March 02, 2008

Haiku and related forms by CVHC Members

Here are some items our members
have published or are working on
(all rights reserved by each writer).

through chain link
and over razor wire
blooming almond tree

before dawn
of a mockingbird song
  • Mark Hollingsworth

distant thunder
a few cherry blossoms
float to earth

just blossoming
we meet under
the cherry tree

spring darkness
the scent of cherry blossoms
is bright
  • w. f. owen


Mark Hollingsworth said...

Concerning "spring darkness": to eliminate the "is" might the second and third line read something like,
cherry blossoms'
bright scent

w. f. owen said...

Hi Mark, yes, that does make it
more compact. I don't usually use
verbs. I put these in because they
were winners in the Vancouver Cherry
Blossom Haiku Contest in 2007.
I like your suggestion.


w. f. owen said...

Great poems Mark.

About "over & through," two things:

1. Why the ampersand (&) and not "and"?

2. Do you need "this year's" in line three?
(Of course, you know I'm always trying to cut
words--being a minimalist).