Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Central Valley Haiku Club Minutes

Spring Meeting
It was a small gathering, our first of the spring, that our CVHC held on Saturday, April 8, 2011, at the Gekkeikan Sake Factory in Folsom, California. Attending were members Bill Owen, Yvonne Cabalona, Ricardo de Bernardi and Leslie Rose

Lately our members have found themselves tugged in a variety of directions, making it difficult for many to attend the bi-monthly meetings. So we briefly discussed the possibility of "SKYPE-ing" our meetings so that members might be able to share in what is happening from wherever they are on our meeting days. It was decided that we should further investigate this possibility and discuss it again at a future meeting.

Our annual Jerry Kilbride Memorial 2011 English-language Haibun Contest is up and running, the deadline for submissions being October 1st. Again we're posting announcements and contest details on our blog and website and have asked other sites, such as the HSA and the Tobacco Road Blog to post that information as well.

We all shared and enjoyed each other's recent creative efforts before adjourning.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, June 4th, at the Eastern Empire Restaurant on Howe Ave. in Sacramento, when we will share good company, good food and our writings.

June Meeting

Although the weather was something less than summer-like, the CVHC gathered, dry and warm, inside the Eastern Empire Restaurant on Saturday, June 4th. Attending were members: Bill Owen, Yvonne Cabalona, Ricardo de Bernardi, Mark Hollingsworth, and Leslie Rose.

In an effort to reach contestants, Leslie Rose reported that both HSA and HPNC are kindly posting information on their websites for our 8th Annual Jerry Kilbride Memorial Haibun Contest. That information is posted on our blogspot as well. We also have created a Facebook group open to all in the hopes of generating even more interest and participation.

Bill reported that our blog, has been adjusted so that CVHC members can post to that site regularly. We will be posting our club minutes there in the future.

Looking to this fall, Yvonne said that in the next couple of weeks she will be contacting the Gekkeikan Sake Factory in Folsom, California, to set up our annual October Haiku Reading at that facility.

During our sharing time, Yvonne said that she recently participated in the Modesto Poets Corner Celebration Contest, sponsored through the McHenry Museum, and she was among the winners, participating in the Reading that culminated that contest. Congratulations Yvonne!

Much to everyone's delight, Yvonne and Bill then did a "Slap down" exchange of haiku poems before we adjourned.

We set our next meeting for Saturday, August 13th at the Gekkeikan Sake Factory in Folsom, California starting at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Leslie Rose, CVHC Secretary

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