Saturday, May 27, 2006

Recent CVHC Writings

Our club--The Central Valley Haiku Club or CVHC--continues to be prolific.
Look for our linked haibun book, Tangled in Dreams, available now.

In addition, all of us continue to publish poems and written forms
related to haiku poetry in contests and the many journals in the field
(e.g., Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Mariposa).

early spring--
when the rain stops
I close the door

--Lane Parker

spring hillside
shadow of a cloud
nears a Holstein

--Mark Hollingsworth

end of summer
washing sand
from our swim suits

feet squeezing
into school shoes

--w.f. owen and Yvonne Cabalona
(a three-line poem followed by a two line poem--called tan renga)

green meadow
waiting for flowers
my plant press

--Amy Whitcomb

first warm day
fleas jumping
on linoleum

a horseshoe
thuds the box
(another tan renga)

Best Wishes,
w.f. owen
CVHC President

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